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Religion, August 2022
Warrensburg Houston Chapel Church Observes 113th Homecoming

Photo credit: Darlene Arnett McCrae

Warrensburg Houston Chapel Church Observes 113th Homecoming

By Darlene McCrae and Pastor Roger Mills / August 2022

Greeneville, TN (July 24, 2022)– The descendants of the founders of Houston Chapel gathered once a year for worship, fellowship, and memorial service on the grounds where their parents and grandparents worshiped in Mohawk, Tennessee,

When the homecoming committee found electrical programs at Houston Chapel, Rev. Sandra Johnson, pastor of Tate Chapel United Methodist Church in Greeneville graciously consented to host this year's homecoming.

A different location, but the occasion remained the same, Homecoming 2022, with a theme of “God’s Grace and Mercy” from Joel 2:13. The service of remembrances was led by Mrs. Pauline Forby.

Pastor H. Roger Mills, Jr. senior pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Whitesburg, TN, delivered the homecoming message, “Reflection and Relief” from 2 Timothy 1:5; 2 Chronicles 7:14. Music was provided by Tabernacle Baptist Church Ensemble.

Homecoming 2022 was zoomed live by Dr. Laura McCrae for those who couldn’t make the trip home.

On February 10, 1909, ground was purchased from Joseph and Amanda Mason. A church was erected and named the Methodist Episcopal Church. Later, it was renamed Houston Chapel in honor of the many members of the Houston family who attended the church: Houston Scruggs, Mary (Houston) Deck, Mamie (Houston) Rader, and other Houston family members.

Adjoining the church property were a cemetery and school. The school was known as the Black Warrensburg School, which dates back to the 1870s. In the early years, the upstairs was used for lodge meetings. The building was vacated in the 1940s. When the school began to deteriorate to a dangerous point, it was demolished for safety reasons with the cemetery being enlarged. A set of remaining concrete steps are the only remnants of the school.

In October 1978, approximately 22 members of the Warrensburg church merged with Tate Chapel United Methodist Church in Greeneville, TN. Special services are still conducted at Warrensburg, where today it is named Warrensburg Houston Chapel Church and Cemetery.

This year's celebration was chaired by Mrs. Zerudia Blue Rogers, and Mrs. Pauline Rader Forby, Co-Chair.

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