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Reverend Dr. W. A. Johnson Celebrate 60 Years As Senior Pastor of Lee Street Baptist Church in Bristol, Virginia

Reverend Dr. W. A. Johnson Reaches Pastoral Milestone
By Rev. Roger Mills, Jr., AM Publisher - April 1, 2021

On the fourth Sunday in February, Rev. Johnson reached a milestone that few pastors reach, serving as pastor of the same church, Lee Street Baptist Church in Bristol, Virginia for 60 years.

Dr. Johnson was born in York County, Virginia, and grew up in Hampton, Virginia area. He became pastor of Lee Street Baptist Church in 1961. He graduated from Virginia Seminary, Lynchburg, VA, Virginia Union University of Richmond, VA, and Chicago Theological Seminary/the University of Chicago. He holds the following degrees: BA, BD, M DV, MTH, and DD.

Over the years, he has been a spiritual leader of the city, the region, and the state. Under his leadership, Lee Street built a new church in 1965. A Community Center was added in 1990 and a Child Care Center in 2000. He served as moderator of the Schaffer Memorial Baptist Association of Southwest Virginia for over 35 years. Under his leadership, as President of the Baptist General Association (1987-1989), he led the association to build a new state office in Richmond, Virginia.

In 1965, he organized the Bristol Head Start Center in the Lee Street Baptist Church. It was one of the first Head Start programs of the Community Action Agencies in the State of Virginia and in the Country. In partnership with the Progressive Community Club of Washington County which is now People Inc. The Center eventually outgrew Lee Street and moved in 1991. Dr. Johnson served on the Board of Directors of People Inc. for 10 years and also served as chairman. in 2000 Lee Street opened a new state-of-the-art Community Child Care - All God's Children - with a capacity of 75 children.

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