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University of Tennessee Names Two Dorms After First Black Students & Erect Statues In Honor of First Black Athletes
By Vivian Shipe, AHERN Reporter / November 7, 2021

Photo by Vivian Shipe

Once they couldn't step on campus...let alone sleep there...

Today.....not one but TWO dorms are named in honor of the first Black students, Dr. Theotis Robinson, Jr. and Dr. Rita Sanders Geier. They were the first two black students to graduate from the University of Tennessee and to fight for equality of higher education in the whole state!!

Photo by Anthony Hancock

The University of Tennessee erected four statues of Black athlete trailazers: Lester McClain, first African-American player at the University of Tennessee; Jackie Walker, first African American-All American University of Tennessee; Condredge Holloway, first African-American Quarterback in the SEC; and Tee Martin, first quarterback to win a national championship in the SEC. The statues were erected in front of Neyland Stadium.

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