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By Rev. Dr. Harold A. Middlebrook, Sr.
Chairman, AHERN Board of Directors

By Reverend Dr. Harold A. Middlebrook, Sr.

Difficult and Despairing Times

Greetings to each of you who have supported, over the years, our attempt to communicate throughout East Tennessee, and to those who are new to AHERN. How delighted we are to be able to share and communicate with you again.

Special thanks to our President/Publisher Rev. H. Roger Mills for his continued persistence and perseverance to keep alive this voice and vehicle of information.

COVID-19 and Delta have presented difficult and despairing times for the nation, and for the people of East Tennessee. We at AHERN have been saddened by the suffering and deaths of many of the citizens of East Tennessee, and now by the affiliations facing many of our school children.

As we regroup and hope for a better season, it is our prayers that our subscribers and friends will help us spread the word and encourage others to become subscribers. We also hope that the churches of East Tennessee would designate a reporter from their church, who would provide articles about the church and community activities.

We look forward to our Annual DAPS Awards Banquet. It is at this Banquet that we recognize contributors to the progress of our communities and recognize students who are achieving highs beyond the norm.

Finally, we call upon each of your to join us in prayer for our nation. Pray that we would become UNITED for the good of all the people of the nation. Pray for our children, for parents, for elected officials, for leaders, and for those enlisted persons who are protecting us all over the world.


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