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Rev. Frank & Mrs. Krystall Flowe Installed and Consecrated as The 15th Pastor & First Lady of Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. Frank & Mrs. Krystall Flowe Installed and Consecrated as The 15th Pastor & First Lady of Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church
By Rev. Roger Mills, AM Publisher - September 2021

After several months without a pastor and hearing and interviewing several preachers, the officers and members of Philippi Missionary Baptist Church extended the call to Fairview Baptist Church, associate and youth pastor, Rev. Frank A. Flowe.  Rev. Flowe accepted the call and preached his first sermon (virtual) as pastor of Phillippi Missionary Baptist Church on July 1, 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the installation was delayed a year, and on July 15, 2021, the officers and members of Phillippi, along with the Moderator, officers, and pastors of the Bethel District Baptist Missionary and Educational Association gathered to install Rev. Flowe.

The morning service was lead by Rev. Tracy Haynes. Installation remarks were given by all auxiliaries of the church, followed by Rev. Lynn Bachman, associate minister of Phillippi who delivered the morning message.

At 3:00 P.M., Rev. Dr. William Butler, Sr., Moderator of Bethel District gave the call to worship and asked the congregation to rise to receive the pastor-elect and first lady elect.

The scripture reading was by Rev. Lynn Bachman (O.T.), Minister Sonya Price (N.T.), and prayer by Rev. Tracy Haynes, all associate ministers of Phillippi.

Words of welcome were extended by Elizabeth Crawford, followed by a selection from the combined choir of Phillippi.  Greetings were given from community leaders and Bethel District.  Words of encouragement to the first lady elect were given by Rayetta Bachman.

Before the installation message, William Horton, uncle of Rev. Flowe and Mt. Olive Baptist Church Choir, Johnson City, TN rendered two selections each.

The installation message “How Can They Preach, Unless They Be Sent” from Romans 10:5-11 was delivered by Rev. Carl Moody, Jr., pastor of Mt. Olive Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN.

After the invitation to Christian Discipleship, Rev. Butler gave the call for the installation service.

The installation began with Rev. Dr. Kenneth Calvert, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, Kingsport, TN giving the Charge to the Church, followed by Rev. Lester Lattany, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church, Johnson City, TN giving the Charge to the Pastor-Elect and Rev. Jesse Jones, Jr., Vice-Moderator of Bethel District praying the Installation Prayer.

 Moderator Butler presented the installed Pastor to the congregation, then relinquished the pulpit to Pastor Flowe.

Remarks were given by Pastor Flowe, “I can not wait to see how He works in us and through us. Sitting here, I can say that I am beyond thankful for having spent my first year as senior pastor with you all. The work and dedication it takes to shepherd can never truly be put into words, but scripture says it best in Luke 22: 25-27”, and First Lady Krystall Flowe, “This position, the first lady of Phillippi has challenged me to rely even more on the Spirit and His power. It has encouraged my heart and mind to be even important, I want to represent His house well, but even more importantly, I want to represent Him well.”

The benediction was given by Rev. Carl Moody, Jr. followed by a reception.

Rev. Flowe is an Army Veteran from Charlotte, NC.  He studied at Chapel Hill University and continued his education at Liberty University Rawlings School of Divinity. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies and Education: Biblical-Theological Studies from Liberty University He was the youth pastor and associate pastor of Fairview Baptist Church in Watauga, TN, and former middle school youth pastor of Sinking Creek Baptist Church.

Rev. Flowe leads the FCA at Happy Valley High School, where he also runs ISS and Dual-Enrollment.  He has been involved in coaching for several years and is the president of the Happy Valley boys basketball booster club K12 youth league.

He is married to Krystall Flowe and they have two daughters, Aniyah and Alaya.

Rev. Flowe has a passion for God’s word and His people.  He spends much of his time traveling to preach, leads youth camps, and counsels in churches in Tennessee and Virginia.