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By Rev. Dr. Charlotte Comage
AHERN Staff Writer - 5 Post

Real Peace

Real Peace

January 2022

There are many things in this world that cause amazement in our life. Often, these precious moments often go overlooked, or pushed aside, due to another priority demanding immediate attention of some kind. Therefore, being able to reflect on the affection, commitment, and love that God gave us and of which we should live is a wonderful thing, and truly amazing.  It is sad to comprehend that many individuals do not have the desire to want to follow Him, serve Him, or worship Him. Also, it is hard to believe that many individuals do not know the love that has been given to us freely from GOD. Besides, when GOD is relevant in our lives, it is much easier to have peace and serenity in our life.  So, why would anyone not want to have this peace?

Perhaps one reason folks fail to accept GOD’s love is that many individuals have turned to their own inward ways in seeking answers to questions that need to be prayed or researched about before providing a solution. In other words, people rely on unmerited resources that appease their dilemma, instead of asking GOD for an answer to their problem.   Surely when one moves too quickly, and without careful contemplation, the result may not be to their advantage.  Also, quick decisions can create the potential for one to become a victim of a bad situation rendering facts of a loss in commitment and deep affection for life. The Holy Bible clearly states in Philippians 4:9 that “the things you have learned and received and have heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the GOD of peace will be with you”. Therefore, this scripture should cause one to draw near to GOD with a strength of blessed assurance. But still, many lack true peace.

As this 2021 Christmas season passes by, be encouraged to allow the peace that Apostle Paul was speaking about to the church in Philippi, as a wonderful opportunity to receive the incredible surpassed peace that comes with intentional love and fellowship that only GOD can bring. The true pursuit of happiness will come once GOD can see and know your boundless dedication to serve Him, no matter what. Ultimately having the knowledge and power to believe in GOD with other children of the LORD for peace.

A Respectfully Dedicated Servant

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About The Author:
Rev. Comage is the senior pastor of St. Paul AME Zion Church in Johnson City, TN, and a Family Advocate at Mediation. She Supervisor at AmeriCorps, and a Paraprofessional educator with the Kingsport City School. Rev. Comage is married to Rev. Joseph Comage.


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