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Feature Article / February 2022
Promise Clothing- Haute Couture Clothing Design  By Lesa Hoskins Patte

Photo courtesy of Lesa Patte

Promise Clothing- Haute Couture Clothing Design By Lesa Hoskins Patte

Submitted by Stella Robinette

Located in Charlotte, NC, Lesa Patte’ is a custom couture designer ranging the spectrum of ages from youth to mature adult.

Lesa produces unique designs in ready to wear, formal, competition and costume designs for all ages. Her designs have featured on runways throughout the United States and will be featured in the coming year in Paris and Italy, along with New York, Miami, and a host of shows throughout the SE.

Lesa spent much of her career as a Sales Rep in the Chemical Industry but found her heart’s desire in fashion.

Promise Clothing originated as a desire to create children’s clothing for the unique child with mature taste. The line quickly caught on to the more mature audience and she began creating for weddings and unique events of all sorts. From ball gowns to rain wear, Lesa collaborates closely with each client to provide them with a design that encompasses their personalized style. Promise is committed to a sustainable platform, seeking to reduce waste by recycling fabrics and designs whenever possible.

Promise models are hand selected by the designer, not necessarily based on their proven runway, or print modeling talent, but by a yearning for Lesa to help the individual rise to meet a level of self confidence to appreciate their personal worth in the eyes of their creator. Promise is not just about fashion; it is in large part a ministry. The name “Promise” was derived from Lesa’s strong connection to her personal faith. It is about the creator’s Promise for each person, regardless of their race, sex, or physical challenges to have an abundant life. John 10;10 “I have come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly” guides her business. The fashion platform helps each model reach a level of self confidence that will propel them into a future of joy, happiness, and the ability to overcome life’s obstacles.

The Promise hashtag “#its time” has become the companies’ vision and embodies the essence of the company. It’s time fashion appreciate every body type, race, and physical challenge to bring inclusion to fashion and encouraging each model to love who they are…right where they are.

Lesa is a native of Hawkins County, Tennessee, and can be reached at:

Lesa Patte
401 North Church Street #504
Charlotte NC  28202
Phone 425-260-6084 /
FB: Lesa H Patte / @PromiseClothing1 / Instagram: Promise.Clothing1


7845 Stagecoach Road
Whitesburg, TN 37891-9112
423-231-0179 |

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