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Article By Rev. Pamela L. Hoard
Article By Rev. Pamela L. Hoard

AHERN Staff Writer - June 2, 2020

Peace Be Still

I’m not sure if it’s my love of music or the fact that music has been so much of my life, even as a child, that causes me to convert everything in my head to a song.  My mother and father both loved music, (like myself, not always gospel music) but I can’t deny that I am a product of the 70’s.   The music of that decade,  in my opinion, is the best of all time.   We were the generation that was encouraged by song stylist like Curtis Mayfield and of course the father of Funk, George Clinton!!! (Scary huh?)  But growing in grace, (and gray hairs), I find my spirit drawn most often to the music of the master.   Ohio players were replaced by Walter Hawkins, and Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes  were replaced by Andre Crouch and Kirk Franklin and too many others to name in this space.   But I must confess, my all time favorite, right or wrong, is James Cleveland.  It is James Cleveland that prompted this month’s word of encouragement.  

As we watch our world spin out of control, first with COVID-19, followed by the death of George Floyd, and most currently the burning and rioting in our major cities, the words that come to mind are the word of James Cleveland singing “Peace, Be Still”.    In case you don’t remember, it goes like this,

“Master, the tempest is raging, And the billows are tossing high
The sky is overshadowed with blackness, No help, no hope is nigh
Carest thou not that we perish, How can thy lie and sleep
When each moment so madly is threatening, a grave in the angry deep…  

We seem to be in the midst of a storm as our nation, once again, faces inner turmoil.
We are torn from within and without as the nation has forgotten who is captain of the ship.
No matter how bad it seems, we must remember that we have the Master on board.
…“The winds and the waves shall obey thy will, Peace, Be Still”.

Let the peace of Our Saviour keep you in perfect peace as we pray and seek the Lord
For guidance in these evil days, for whenever the Lord says, “peace”, there will be peace.

Presiding Elder Hoard is the pastor of Russell Chapel AME Zion Church, Rogersville, TN; the Presiding Elder of The Johnson City District, AME Zion East TN-VA Conference and serves on AHERN, Inc. Board of Directors as Vice-Chair of AHERN Hall of Legacy.

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