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Feature Article - May 2021
Patricia Yeary, I'm Living My Dream

Photo credit: Patricia Yeary

By Rev. Roger Mills, AM Publisher - May 2021

After high school and some college, Pat left the rolling hills of Tennessee by enlisting into the United States Army.  Her military career sent her to various assignments in the United States, Panama Canal Zone, and Europe.  She entered the military as an administrative assistant and retired as a logistics officer.  She retired from the U.S. Army at the rank of Captain. 

During the next chapter of her life, she was employed by the state of South Carolina.   During this time, she renewed her interest in acting.  Her initial interest in acting was sparked at Toney’s Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, whereas a child, under the direction of Delphine Blevins, Pat participated in Christmas plays and Easter programs.  There, she realized that acting was her life’s calling, but did not fully pursue it until later in life.    One of her favorite quotes is “It’s never too late to be what you might have been” (George Eliot). 

About Photo: In costume on set of “Living The Dream” 2017

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