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AHERN Reflection
AHERN Reflection

By Mrs. Jacqueline Hampton Jones
AHERN Staff Writer
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Now Is The Acceptable Time

August 2022

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Never has there been a more relevant time living in this present spiritual darkness, to let the world see the grace and love of Christ extended to those who are lost spiritually. Is the light of Jesus within us piercing through the spiritual darkness in which we are living? I certainly hope we feel an urgent need to do our part to let our light shine before this evil world. If ever there was a time to get right with God, it is now! If ever there was a time to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is now! People need to see that our yeas are yeas and our nays are nays and live a godly life in season and out of season for this pleases the Lord.

The enemy is such a deceiver and destroyer of all things God deems holy. So, it’s no wonder Christians have our work cut out for us, living where the truth of God’s word is mocked worldwide and the existence of Jesus is denied. It’s become distasteful to stand up for what God deems righteous and holy, so we watch the world mock Jesus and all that He stands for. Regardless, no matter how it looks around us, we can stand as victors and proclaim God’s truth to the lost, especially because people are wallowing in sin as though there is no hell to go to when life ends on this side of heaven. If only they would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus’ great sacrifice in dying for them and realize the brevity of his death and resurrection and what it means in terms of their eternal destination. On the contrary, Jesus did not come to condemn the world but to save it! This was his ultimate mission when God sent him in human form to dwell among us, to be the example of righteousness, perfection, love, grace, forgiveness, obedience, and so much more to fulfill the will of the Father.

It’s hell on earth and in the afterlife too for those who choose to reject Jesus. I wouldn’t wish hell on anyone, even my worst enemy. My prayer is that lost souls would discover their need now for a Savior, while there is still time to come to this realization! Jesus stands knocking at your door, won’t you please let him come into your heart?

Please accept Jesus today while there is still time. Rejecting him and the eternal heaven he offers won’t go well for you in the forever for all eternal afterlife. NOW is the acceptable time to invite him into your heart, so come to Jesus who is calling and beckoning you to come out of the darkness into His marvelous light! So saints go spread the good news!

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About The Author:
Mrs. Jones is the First Lady of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Newport, TN. She is a graduate of Walters State Community College and attended East Tennessee State University. She recently retired from the University of Tennessee. Mrs. Jones is the wife of Rev. Jesse L. Jones, Jr.pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, Newport, TN.

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