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No More Circles
September 2021

Do you ever wonder why you go or do so many things and yet you never see the completion of a project? Or could it just be that one did not get the complete mission as to why or what the reason was of a particular matter?  Well then please allow me to help you get a keen insight to where you need to seek the goal or purpose of your subject.

Before you help or assist with a project, one must know why or how this task or important matter is going to benefit or help someone’s life be better, more improved, or end with good results.  I must tell you that many times in life, I had to question the reason as to why I was involved in a situation and what purpose was it going to take me in an upward, and positive reward.  Or if you are like my friend, you are doing things and do not truly understand the reason for having to take the long road home.  Now I must let you know that I have never liked riding a carousel, and it can become rather boring when I move around and round and continue to see the same faces, places, and things which have no clear intention, only to realize that I have gotten no where, and was such a waste of my good time. 

So, I ask you to stay connected with your prayer life and allow GOD to lead you to those subjects and meaningful tasks that have been inspired and can help change one’s life to an extraordinary life. Please note that God has given all talents and gifts which one must connect with to create a tapestry of Love. In other words, I know I can cook a can of soup, but it is my sister who can take an ordinary can of soup, and create a dish fit for a king.  That is her gift, not mine and when one begins to understand one’s limitations, then one is not too proud to work as a team with other Christians to get the mission accomplished and for its best outcome. 

For in the Old Testament, from the book of Isaiah 42:8, its states that “I am the Lord:  that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praises to graven images.”  So, before you put your gifts or talents into a task, think about what you can accomplish and prefer to do with ease. Also, continue to ask GOD to assist you with favor, purpose, and maintaining a true grace from your servitude, desires, and commitment.  This small step can help eliminate running around in circles and not seeing any results. In closing, our time and mission on this earth is not to waste time, but it is to make our life reflect GOD’s glory with a resilient strength always ready to know that he is shedding his light onto our path of righteousness, for his name’s sake.

Until the next time.

About The Author:
Rev. Comage is the senior pastor of St. Paul AME Zion Church in Johnson City, TN, a Family Advocate at Mediation, Site Supervisor at AmeriCorps, and Paraprofessional educator with the Kingsport City Schools.  Rev. Comage is married to Rev. Joseph Comage, pastor of Lyons Chapel AME Zion Church in New Canton, TN.