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AHERN Hall of Legacy

AHERN African American Hall of Legacy

In keeping with AHERN’s mission, “reaching outside of one community and touching other communities” we initiated AHERN African American Hall of Legacy in 2017.

AHERN African American Hall of Legacy is to honor our past and present African American Trailblazers.

Individuals will be selected on the following criteria:

  • Integrity as an individual;
  • Commitment to their profession;
  • Church and community involvement;
  • Their promotion and involvement in civil rights;
  • Individuals who have reached the century mark;
  • A pastor who has pastored the same church for 50+ years;
  • A professional who has served as President or CEO of an African American company that promotes and is involved in Civil Rights.
  • Pastors and Professionals will become eligible 3 years after their retirement.

Nomination can be made by submitting a name and the above information to

AHERN African American Hall of Legacy will be on display for one month in a church or library.

Presiding Elder Pamela L. Hoard, Vice-Chair, AHERN Hall of Legacy

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