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God's Resolution for 2022
God's Resolution for 2022

By Rev. Dr. Charlotte Comage
AHERN Staff Writer - 5 Post / February 2022

Since Christmas has come and gone, and with all the beautiful decorations put away, and while many family members have returned home it is time to make those New Years' Resolutions that many of us fail to keep. So, with the thoughts of many of my friends in mind, I thought it is a good time to help you usher in your new concept for this year 2022. 

Now to begin, one must always pray about the matters that are to be addressed and keep them within reality. I am not saying to lose hope, but I realize that one can feel much better when one includes GOD in our thoughts, actions, and desires.  Besides, as taken from the bible, Isaiah 40:31 states “But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.” Therefore, that is where one should start.  It is so easy to lose focus on what one does not possess, and so many times one fails to recognize the talents and abilities that are within reach.  

In other words, one lacks to see what GOD has equipped and loses the confidence to believe in the strength that lives within them.  Besides often one is looking at what they do not have and fail to see the favor of grace that comes from the comforter.   Each day, as Christians, one receives new mercies which will enable one to grasp, achieve, maintain, and articulate with success.  Regardless of what or how the circumstance appears God is there with us. Please do not fall into the pool of pity where one compares their personal situation to another’s dilemma, because personally, I hear those excuses way too often.

So, to make your personal resolution of 2022, less complicated allow God to lead you into 2022 where he is GOD, and your LORD. Let his light shine on your pathway and watch this year be the best bountiful blessed year ever. Trust God and watch your life unfold with his amazing grace, resilient faith, and endless possibilities.

Respectfully submitted., Rev. Dr. Charlotte M. Comage

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About The Author:
Rev. Comage is the senior pastor of St. Paul AME Zion Church in Johnson City, TN, and a Family Advocate at Mediation. She Supervisor at AmeriCorps, and a Paraprofessional educator with the Kingsport City School. Rev. Comage is married to Rev. Joseph Comage.


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