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Following God's Lead
Following God's Lead

By Mrs. Jacqueline Hampton Jones
AHERN Staff Writer - 5 Post / May 2022

Always follow God’s lead, because this is wise, good, and right! You can never go wrong in doing so especially when others don’t trust where God is leading you. Even when you seek wise counsel from those strong in the faith in articulating your situation, you should ultimately listen to the Holy Spirit and its leading. Why should we follow God’s directives in our lives? Because we are charged with being doers of his word, so that we reap the benefits from its wonder-working power.

Simply put, faith, trust, and obedience will please God. Keeping his commandments and seeking him absolutely delights him! It communicates to him and to the world that you love Jesus because your actions are dictated and demonstrated by the desire to please him in accordance his word. Obedience is a key ingredient in activating the power of the word in your walk. This brings you spiritual joy and peace that the world cannot give you nor take away. Jesus says that if you love him, you will keep his commandments and love another, this will prove to him and the world that you surely belong to the body of Christ. I’m quite sure that you are reading and meditating on his word, and being doers of his word too, right?

You can oftentimes fall prey to doubters and naysayers who don’t understand your decision to heed God’s direction. Please keep in mind that God always, and I mean always, has your best interests at heart first and foremost. He knows your beginning and end. Therefore, do not get distracted your quest to seek guidance from him, for to do so can shake your confidence in trusting the wisdom and direction he imparts. What I know for sure, is that Satan is always scheming to take my eyes off Jesus and the path he has laid out before me. STOP wasting time on the enemy, please! Be encouraged that God has your back and through him you have the victory! “For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments…” (1 John 5:3).

There’s just no better way than doing life the Lord’s way. It’s him you must please even if that disappoints others around you. Remember that there’s power in the word and there’s power in praying in alignment of the word. The power we speak of comes from God. He’s the one who inclines his ears to hear your praises, cries, and the desires of your heart. He will answer you in due time to perform his will. Keep the faith, because seeking guidance from the Lord is necessary in order to navigate the complexities faced in life. In the meantime, keep glorifying the Lord in all that you endeavor to do. I commend all of you who do this!

Think on it!

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About The Author:
Mrs. Jones is the First Lady of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Newport, TN. She is a graduate of Walters State Community College and attended East Tennessee State University. She recently retired from the University of Tennessee. Mrs. Jones is the wife of Rev. Jesse L. Jones, Jr.pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church, Newport, TN.


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