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All 3 Men Found Guilty in Murder of Ahmaud Arbery -

September 2021
Photo credit: Pamela.Ashley.Uba Instagram, courtesy of
September 2021

Black Medical Scientist Crowned Miss Ireland! First Black Woman in 74 Year History!

By Aria Ellise, BDO Special Contributor - September 9, 2021

A Black woman has won the Miss Ireland pageant.

I know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t even think there were Black people in Ireland.” Well, you’re wrong. There is a growing population of people of African descent in the country. According to BBC, Black people make up about 1.4 percent of the Ireland population and one has just won the top beauty pageant.

Pamela Uba, a 26-year-old medical scientist, made history as she has become the first black woman to be crowned Miss Ireland in the country since the pageant began in 1947.

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