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By Rev. H. Roger Mills, Jr.
AHERN, INC., Founder-President

Exercise Your Rights, Register and Vote!!!

I want to encourage all African Americans to vote, and those who are not registered, to register and vote in November general election.  Trump must go, we don't need four more years of his racist and lying attitude

I feel we dishonor those who marched and protested during the Civil Rights Movement for us to have the right to vote by not voting. We dishonor their struggles by not voting, so let’s step to the plate and “LET OUR VOICE BE HEARD” by VOTING.

We cannot sit out this election, there’s so much at stake.  Your vote in the 2020 election is crucial to correcting 2016 and beyond, so encourage your family and friends to vote.

Churches and organizations use your church vans to provide transportation to the polls.

About The Author:  Rev. Mills is the founder-president of AHERN, INC. and publisher of AHERN Magazine.

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