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Bishop William Holloway Deliver Johnson City MLK Interfaith Prayer Breakfast Message
By Angelitti Bradley, AM Staff Writer - January 23, 2020

Johnson City, TN- The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast was held in Johnson City,Tn on Jan. 18,2020 at the Memorial Park Community Center. Bishop William Holloway of Chattanooga,Tn. was the keynote speaker. Bishop Holloway spent many years in Johnson City before moving to Chattanooga. He came to Johnson City to attend East Tennessee State University on a track scholarship,later he would teach in the school system and served as the pastor of Philippi Baptist Church in Elizabethton ,Tn. 

Dare To Dream was the title of the message. Referring to a 4x4 relay track race where the first runner starts the race knowing that the next runner is waiting for him or her to pass the baton. The runner never looks back but trust that the baton will be put into their hand so that the race can continue. "I dare you to dream" was repeated several times to the audience. He reminded the audience that some of Dr.King's dreams have come true but we all still need to pass the baton daily and encourage the next generation to continue working toward improving America and the world. 

Four ETSU faculty members- Joy Fulkerson, Dr.Keith Johnson, Nathnael Tadesse and Laura Terry received honors during the event.

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