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Austin-East Foundation Raises 40K
Photo credit: Vivian Shipe
Austin-East Foundation Raises 40K

By Vivian Shipe, AM Reporter - September 2021

Despite a heavy downpour of rain that had persisted all day, the students, parents and members of the community gathered in the auditorium for the first open house of the school year at Austin-East Magnet High School.

It had been a hard but positive week for the students who were returning to school after a year of virtual and in class learning due to COVID-19, and after losing six classmates to gun violence in the last 8 months; the most recent only one day before classes started. Many returned not knowing what the year would bring. There were some in the community however who knew they were going to bring the school some joy in the middle of the sadness.

After several years of fundraising, the newly established Austin-East Foundation came to the open house bearing gifts.

The foundation presented a check to Tammy Campbell, principal of Austin East High School, in the amount of $40,000. The funds are to be used by the school to purchase whatever their hearts desire and need for the students.

Principal Campbell, before calling forward Matthew Best and Reverend Sam Brown who was there to present the check; spoke of community and it's importance. A woman of faith, Campbell referenced a scripture that spoke of having not because "we ask not".

The many ask of the school will now be able to be filled because of the generosity of the foundation. Matthew Best, foundation president, promised to return in January with another check. The goal said Best is to present a check at the beginning of every semester for decades to come.