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By Reverend Dr. Charlotte Comage
AHERN Staff Writer

Walking with the Master
June 1, 2021

Do you ever take a walk and talk to God? Or do you just take it upon yourself to chat with your best friend? Oftentimes in life, we take different subject matters into our own perspective without giving the important matters to our Father, of course “who art in heaven.” So therefore this subject directs me to an important place, which will enlighten you and cause you to begin to realize that when we want to get in sync with the Holy Spirit invite God, the Master of your Universe to walk with you and trust God when you are seeking the divine, concrete, confident, and considerate decisions in your life, that will impact your journey on this earth.

Since we have been quarantined for over a year, and we all have had more nourishment than our body needs, let’s do something about it!

Lets’ begin to become more physically active and look forward to a brisk walk with God every day to help us stay motivated, dedicated, obligated, and submissive in hearing his word. Doing these brisk walks, they will help you with two strong concerns in your life, and after a few days of dedicated activity, you will begin to see your waistline shrink and feel your closer walk with thee as a deep necessity.

Now it does not matter if you like to walk in the morning or evening you must do it and keep on your schedule of certainty, which can open the windows of communication to the next level. Furthermore, it will not be easy to find the best time of day, or how long it has to last.  Just keep in mind your ultimate goal is to find and have a little walk with Jesus.  Folks will think you are acting crazy when you are smiling and raising your hands on this healthy moment walk and praise talk to him.  But you will soon discover that your deepest concerns will vanish and there will be praise in your heart.  God wants to talk to us all of the time, and oftentimes we are just too busy to listen and talk to him. So the next time you need someone to chat with and do not know where to turn. Please remember that I have given you an antidote, which can extinguish any pains, worries, anxieties, and give you a slim waistline at the same time.    In closing, when one starts walking with the Master and telling him all bout your troubles, one can become more protected, more convinced, more dedicated, and know that the CEO of this Universe cares for you, and is listening to your voice because you have cast your anxieties on him. (1 Peter 5: 7 NIV)

When God Says No
May 2021

Growing up in a large family, with five brothers and two sisters there were many times, as a young child I would ask for something special from my parents and they would tell me, “NO”.  I would run back and forth between Mom and Dad and try to influence them as to why they needed to reply with a positive response. But quickly I knew that when the answer was “No!”  Or a reply, as something like “ Let me think about it.” Then that request of my want would not be addressed until a later time and quickly I understood not to keep asking until I had waited and did not push the issue with demands from a temper flair of ill-favor, which displayed kicking or screaming. Also, I knew not to reply with the famous words “ Everyone is or has it”.  So it did not take me long to accept the negative answer which my parents conveyed was decided out of love, protection, and for their best resolutions.

Later in life, and I grew up, situations in life or should I say circumstances continue to dawn its face with decisions and matters of precaution which need to be determined in my walk in this journey called life, and since my parents are no longer here, I take the most critical matters to GOD in prayer and sometimes he too tells me “ NO”.  In that given moment, often times I become frustrated and a little disappointed because that was not what I needed, or wanted.  However, I am learning to trust GOD because he is able to see and know the total outcome of my future, and he is the Captain of my ship.

Now with that being stated, I know that I am under the command from the captain of my ship, which is in the waters called life.   I enjoy clear blue waters when things are going fine, however, there are times when I pray for a situation to change, and I only discover that I become so consumed with the issue that I can make matters worse, unwelcome, and even unpleasant.  Clearly the indication of “ NOT NOW”, “ NO”, or “STOP” has come top priority. But when I am trying to help, and later discover that it only has been a hindrance, exasperation with an extra dose of annoyance reflected with humility and frustration my thoughts become mingled with hurt, or negative results. 

So within my life, I am learning to understand that all my direct orders are coming from a captain who is worthy to know, regulate, conquer, and defeat anything that Satan can throw at me.   I must listen to the voice or commands from him. I realize that sometimes, he will command me to take it slow, and other times he may just say “ No”, so my battle of not having things go my way have to cease.   Next, I move to Plan B, which curtails prayers and supplication.  It is within this period that I reexamine the issues at hand, and search my soul to know what, and how to ask GOD for a response that I can be willing to accept, engage, or incorporate into my life.   Often times, when I pray I am not focusing on the entire circumstance and I may not know all the details, particulars, or characteristics of a given topic so when I attempt to pray, its not correct or I may have missed the mark, and my request is retorted with truancies of anger. In other words, I am learning to pray for the will of my captain to keep my prayers inaccuracy, certainty, and assurance so that I will be able to accept his will and not my own.

About The Author:
Rev. Comage is a Family Advocate at Mediation, Site Supervisor at AmeriCorps, Paraprofessional educator with the Kingsport City Schools, and the senior pastor of St. Paul AME Zion Church in Johnson City, TN. 

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