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Rev. Dr. Charlotte Comage
Rev. Dr. Charlotte Comage
Photo courtesy of Rev. Charlotte Comage

Ordinary to Extraordinary
November 2021

God has given a divine covenant to all his children who receive and accept his word the gift of eternal life. Also, with efforts, one must be willing to deny themselves and take up their cross to follow him. In fact, one of the most convincing scripture is John 3: 16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, and whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”  Furthermore, it is understood that the Word of God can provide a foundation that can not only be with you your entire life, but God’s Word can help one build a strong, and victorious life when you position yourself for an extraordinary life.

As God provides this gift, a true follower of Jesus Christ is grateful to preserve their life and watch it transform from the ordinary to an extraordinary life. My friends and family one should never feel as though they have all the answers to everyone’s problems. For when one has this mode of thinking truly that individual has lost insight of why, who, and how they were able to reach a certain standard of life. In other words, and as my grandmother might say, “Do not get too big for your britches.”  Jesus never stays where he is not welcome. There will be times in one’s life where you are not aware of the hostile environment you have produced. Or another way to comprehend this message is to step back and review your method of madness because God can use ordinary people to manifest extraordinary results in your life.

A good example of how God can use ordinary people to accomplish his mission can be found in the Old Testament, within the book of Judges. This entire book of the Bible reflects our sensibilities to see and understand the weaknesses of certain individuals who become weary in following God. Indeed, in Chapter 1, commencing after the death of Joshua one is introduced to the men of Judah and their questions of disbelief. Also, as one continues to study the book of Judges, one can know that the people were not willing to follow the ways of God. And the nation had no integrity to follow the ways of God. But the conclusion is that one can see ordinary people doing God’s work, such as Deborah the Prophetess and Gideon, a military leader who concluded with extraordinary results.

In closing, you may think that your life is nothing, or that you have missed the Blessing that God has for you. But I want to encourage you that your life is more than ordinary and that God is allowing you to be extraordinary on your job, in your home, in your finances, and especially to your friends. None the less don't forget where, how and who helped you reach your goals. It was your heavenly Father, and it is He and who wants to show up in your life and give you the extraordinary life.   Your routine of persistence will pay off and what you are doing and believing GOD for will be extraordinary if you continue to pray, trust, and never doubt; God will work it out. More than amazing is in your future and I know your blessings will be extraordinary.

Respectfully Submitted
Rev. Dr. Charlotte M. Comage

About The Author:
Rev. Comage is the senior pastor of St. Paul AME Zion Church in Johnson City, TN, a Family Advocate at Mediation, Site Supervisor at AmeriCorps, and Paraprofessional educator with the Kingsport City Schools.  Rev. Comage is married to Rev. Joseph Comage, pastor of Lyons Chapel AME Zion Church in New Canton, TN.