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Article By Cathy Walker
Article By Cathy Walker

AHERN Contributor


Education Verse Coronavirus

By Ms. Cathy Walker, AM Contributor - July 10, 2020

If the local, district, state, and national Education Association never does another thing....they should foremost take a FIRM stand on the future of our schools and all those involved in educating our young people!!

Schools should not open unless they have a NATION WIDE set of CDC guidelines and plans in order to safely house the children and professionals in each school across the nation!

There should be strict rules set in place for all to follow in order to instruct our children with few complications!! Lives are at stake people!!! Cutting funding to an already strapped teacher is NOT the answer!!!

The Education Association’s main purposes this coming school year should be protecting our children and professionals and paraprofessionals in ways that ensure a safe and clean environment for this school year!!!!

This is NO JOKE!!! Put people who have been and are in the trenches each and everyday make these decisions NOT some business man or woman who’s NEVER taught a class ever in their life!!! Take A Stand!!!

About The Author:
Ms. Walker is a member of Friendship Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN where she is the church photographer and coordinator.  She is a former educator with the Bristol Virginia Public School  System, Washington County Public School System and Carter County Public School System.

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