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About Us

AHERN is an African American communication ministry founded in 2005 by Rev. H. Roger Mills, Jr. to highlight the achievements and news of African Americans in East Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and the nation.

The mission of AHERN is to reach outside of one community and touch other communities with the hope of becoming a voice for the African American Community; to improve communication and encourage individuals, groups, and organizations to take pride in their historical culture through public forums and publications.


The Corporation has those purposes set forth in the Charter, including:

  1. To operate exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes described in section 501(c)(3) and 170 (c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  2. To engage in communication outreach ministries, not limited to health, education, religion and news;
  3. To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold, own, create a security interest in, exchange or otherwise convey real or personal property;
  4. To solicit and receive donations or subventions and to invest, administer and distribute any funds as received, as permitted by law;
  5. To reach outside of one community and touch other communities. To seek, promote, and serve as a ministry of communication for the local area, district, statewide, and multi-state communities;
  6. To make donations for the public welfare or for charitable, scientific or educational purposes;
  7. To engage in any other activity not prohibited by law or in violation of the organization’s status as a 501(c)(3) or these bylaws.
AHERN Magazine

Rev. H. Roger Mills, Jr., Publisher
Mrs. Mary Breedlove, Senior Editor
Mrs. Beverly Phipps, Assistant Editor
Rev. Pamela Hoard, Sales

Rev. Pamela Hoard, Devotional
Rev. Dr. Charlotte Comage, Perspective
Mrs. Jacqueline Jones, Reflection
Mrs. Angellitti Bradley, Health Talk

Margaret Davis, Region 1: Carter & Washington Counties
Lina Nichols-Bradley, Region 2: Sullivan & Bristol, VA
Gypsy Townsend, Region 3: Greene & Hawkins Counties
Tammi Hayes-McGowan, Region 4: Hamblen & Cocke Counties
Jacqueline Collins, Region 5: Knox & Anderson Counties
Ciarra Bragg-Jones, Region 6: Loudon & Monroe Counties


Rev. Dr. Harold Middlebrook, Sr., Chairman
Rev. Cecil Mills, Jr., Vice-Chairman
Rev. Pamela Hoard, Chair, Hall of Legacy
Mrs. Vivian Releford, Chair, BE Awards
Dr. Dorothy Dobbins, Chair, Health Division
Ms. Jacqueline Collins, Secretary
Ms. Valerie Lee, Treasurer
Ms. Shelia Pinkston, Financial Sec.
Rev. Roger Mills, Jr., Founder-President


Mrs. Mary Breedlove, Talbott, TN
Rev. Billy Davis, Talbott, TN
Rev. Frederick Gordon, Brevard, NC  (D)
Rev. Roger Mills, Jr., Whitesburg, TN
Mrs. Beverly Phipps, Jefferson City, TN
Mrs. Vivian Releford, Kingsport, TN

7845 Stagecoach Road
Whitesburg, TN 37891-9112
423-231-0179 |

Copyright (c) 2016, AHERN, INC. 
All rights reserved.